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You help is welcome.

The computer allows the game mechanics to be quite complicated, without being challenging or tedious to play. Programming them takes time, so i think it would be great if helped developping the actual content of the game.

We might need art to make the game beautiful. The most important thing is images to represent the elements.


small icons, and big icons, not copyrighted, in black and in color, and royalty free or transformed sufficiently.(In part to replace the ones I dlled off a legal free site for the title)

Edge drawings of many basic bodytypes to represents the characters and nexi in the site (better version of the stickman currently on the sheet)


High quality royalty free images of all basic lanscapes.

Once i release the demo and you discover the game mechanics, we'll need to fill the game with characters and character templates for an ubersmoth RPG experience. So I'll give you secret forms that you can fill with characters and creatures you invent (or ripoff) to fill up the database.

The world of Elekast is now for the most part a water world where islands drift very fast. We'll need many islands to make the world vast and unexplored, so it would be amazing to have a bit of location content from everybody so that the word is surprising for everyone"

Write to me about this at with the tag [elekast]